A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

-John Bowring

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jami turned 17 on October 30th. She got an early birthday present after 4 1/2 years she got her braces of on October 1st. She was way excited. She is now working at McDonalds a couple days a week. She also works at the local Gymnastics gym as an assistant coach. She helps with 3 classes. She is the Secretary for the High School Key Club and she is also in the National Honors Society.

All dressed up for Halloween. We pretty much are a bunch of vampires. Our pumpkin won "Best Pumpkin" at our ward Halloween party.
State 4-H this year was in Vernal, Ut. It was held September 20-22. Jami showed Daybreak in the 2-handed class on Thursday the 20th and Cookie in the bitted class on the 21st & 22nd. Jami did very well on Daybreak and finished 26th over-all. Daybreak actually behaved better than Cookie. Cookie seemed to throw a fit every day. After her fit though she did well you just didn't know when that fit was going to happen. On the last day - speed event day - Jami and Cookie had really good runs on all of the events. Cookie threw her fit early and she performed great the rest of the day. Jami took 10th place in the Flag race. She ran it in 10.66 seconds.